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According to the Öko-Institut, 200 tons of water are polluted for every new ton of clothing produced! The fashion industry emits roughly the same amount of greenhouse gas per year as the entire economies of France, Germany, and the UK combined

(McKinsey & Co, Fashion on Climate 2020).


Considering the facts, everyone should say: I will no longer take part! However, the problem is finding sustainably produced clothing that corresponds to your personal clothing style! It was a real challenge for Sinah Schlemmer. “I've always had a penchant for fancy clothing and designer pieces. The beige organic cotton shirt and the simple cut dress were way too boring for me." So Sinah began to design her own clothes, using discarded clothes, old curtains, bed sheets and fabric scraps. Family and friends were immediately enthusiastic about her models and creations, and she received more and more orders. The label was founded in November 2020.


Many people want to send a signal by buying clothes and combining fashion awareness with environmental protection. Amaran Creative offers both! “The sustainable alternative for stylish fashion lovers”.

A lot has happened since November 2020.  The opening of the Amaran Creative Online Shop, a detailed article on Sinah and her label in the “Rhein-Zeitung” newspaper in April 2021, various photo shoots, and (as a very special highlight) the “Fashion as an Alternative” exhibition at the b-05 Arts and Culture Center, Montabaur, Germany in June 2021. The exhibition was brought to life by Sinah and showed parts from her collection, but also pictures and fact sheets intended to draw attention to the grievances in the fashion industry.


The cooperation with Oxfam Germany started in July 2021. Once a month there is an Amaran Creative “Unique Upcycling Piece” up for sale at the Oxfam Shop Koblenz. The shop provides the second-hand textiles from which Sinah creates exclusive new outfits. The proceeds from the sale benefit the work of the emergency aid and development organization Oxfam.


"I am overjoyed to create something every day that hopefully makes the world a little better. Upcycling is not only the most sustainable alternative to producing clothes, but it also sparks my creativity on a daily basis!"

(Sinah Schlemmer)